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Office Space

In the era of the ever so clichéd, yet very much relevant “Frustrated Engineer”, it is fitting that the first Random Movie Review be that of Office Space (IMDb).


A 1999 comedy about 3 programmers – Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston), Samir Nagheenanajar (Ajay Naidu) & Michael Bolton (David Herman) – who hate their jobs and particularly the VP,  Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole). Things take a turn for the worst with the arrival of 2 Consultants who are going to have to let some people go. The three decide to turn against their company as chaos ensues.

It’s a movie boasts a variety of timeless characters.

Peter, the guy who’s reminded of his mistake by “eight different bosses”, Samir, a middle eastern migrant who’s last name no one can pronounce, Michael Bolton, who is furious about sharing his name with a famous singer, Milton (played by a brilliant, show stealing Stephen Root), a mumbling co-worker who everyone ignores, who dreams of burning down the place, the Boss, the neighbor, the waiter, the stapler; I can go on and on.

The brilliant part is how the director (Mike Judge) creates characters you know (and hilariously so). The ones you see around every day sitting in those mazy cubicles.

Even that poor old malfunctioning office printer takes on a life of its own. The guys proceed to promptly destroy it. The resulting scene, priceless!

The eye-candy Jennifer Aniston (Oh Ya. She’s in here too) does a fine job.

The soundtrack (of which, the director, surprisingly, did not approve) is prominantly hip hop/rap and has thus achieved cult status. The highlight? “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta” (Youtube).

This is a gem of a movie with shades of dark humour and huge relevance in today’s times. Recommended for multiple viewings.

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