Where it all Began

Hi Everyone.!

I’ve been always fascinated about having a Blog. I agree that I’m not one of the most creative or technically correct writers, but yes, I love to blog, to talk about things, to put forward my opinions.

This first post will be about the one thing I’ve never really been able to detach myself from. Movies and lots of Movies.

Movies and I go a long way. I still remember watching My first movie alone, that first Super 8 movie we made as children, all of that. People do these things and expect to be appreciated but we did things because we loved them. I won’t call it my passion because that word has become a cliche in the recent times and I hate cliches.

As I grew a bit older, I could explore a few more genre like Film Noir, Urban, and so many more. Christopher Nolan,Martin Scorsese, Darren Aronofsky were the directors who I looked up to.

I remember watching Pi over and over again to find any hidden meaning, going through the ending of Taxi Driver over a hundred times to figure it out; different forums, articles, to know if Cobb is still in a dream. All this only for the love of it all.

People tell me it’s no good wasting your time in all this. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a Damn”.

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